Mrs Sylvie LEBEC
6, place Jules Grévy
39100 DOLE

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Dole, City of Art and History, is situated in the very heart of Burgundy Franche-Comté. Our destination has seen a development of business tourism over quite some time and boasts 2 main facilities that are available to hire.
The first of these venues, Dolexpo Parc du Jura, is a new exhibitions park that was inaugurated in Dole on 1st October 2016 during the general public open house event. Operated by the LPS « Hello Dole », Dolexpo Parc du Jura offers 12,000m² that is available to business clients for their fairs, events, exhibitions and shows. Dolexpo has hosted its first official event: the Made in Jura show from 13th to 16th October 2016! Nearly 60,000 visitors came to Dole on this occasion to discover the savoir-faire of the Jura!
As for La Commanderie, a contemporary building located on the banks of the River Doubs, its main hall can accommodate 1,700 seated guests and 2,500 standing. It regularly hosts congresses, shows and fairs. Other rooms, with different configurations possible, allow clients to organise other types of events. The piazza makes hosting outdoor events easy.

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