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Dive headlong into the welcoming world of the French Art de Vivre: Discover how to taste, how to host, how to live…Differently! Discover how to take your time and how to share it in perfect conviviality. Invite your clients to share with you in an experience that is at once gourmet, sensory and enjoyable, all based on tasting the wines of Burgundy. After a quick presentation of the Burgundy wine region, our expert will work according to your own level of expertise to reveal the 3 key steps to enjoying a tasting with commentary of the wines that have been presented. With the help of our educational games (aroma bouquets, tasting whilst blindfolded, chocolate box of textures…), you will learn how to express your gustative emotions and taste like a knowledgeable wine enthusiast! Personalise your tasting with a range of options: -WINE/FOOD PAIRINGS This tasting is accompanied by a selection of morsels and appetisers so that you can have fun making unexpected or traditional pairings. –WINE APPRECIATION COACHING How do you choose the right wine, keep it in the best conditions and prepare it for a celebratory meal (glass, corkscrew, serving temperature…) ? Our experts will reveal all the secrets. - ARTS OF THE TABLE – PERFECT HOSTING FOR ENJOYING WINE sampling fine wines in plastic cups, on a paper tablecloth? How the art of hosting enhances the pleasure of tasting, with our Table Games (The table dressing game « An almost perfect table » / Serving meals and drinks / Politeness at the table, the fundamentals / The impossible dishes) –A WALK AND A TASTING IN THE VINEYARDS


Our passionate expert teacher will reveal the mysteries of the wine world. Paul leads you with enthusiasm through gourmet and unusual tastings, by means of a wine appreciation course; a tailor-made tasting soirée that focuses purely on enjoyment and pleasure. Our Art de Vivre touch ensures you discover the ART OF TASTING …differently.


Diplôme Université de Bourgogne:
- Vin, culture et oenotourisme
Partenariats d'exception: Relais Bernard Loiseau à Saulieu (Ateliers sur les Arts de la Table)
Hostellerie le Cèdre à Beaune (Ateliers dégustations accords mets/ vins)
Maison Philippe le Bon (Animations de séminaires autour des vins de Bourgogne)